EasyFix vacuum mattress Ready2Go

Our brand new EasyFix Vacuum Mattress is made of flame-resistant PVC coated fabric. New inner bags with compartments for control of the granules, which means that it always has an even distribution of the content for a comfortable and stable fixation. EASY FIX has a unique design that provides increased support of head, neck and back while packing volume has shrunk by 30% and weight by 20%. The top side of EasyFix has a reinforced base that covers the cervical spine. A unique wrapper function together with fixing straps gives a much better support than traditional systems. The development of this system is based on the X-spider functions where you think that the crossfixation provides clear benefits. EasyFix is body shaped in design, providing a direct understanding of how to use the product while increasing the comfort and the ability to secure larger patients.

Product no Product name
15000000018 Head fixation straps EasyFix 2 colours, Velcro
14401810001 Restraints Safety belt set 5 colours – Fix lock buckle
15000000000 Repair Kit EasyFix
15271000709 Bag for EasyFix vacuum mattress