SPED Extrication equipment

For Ferno UK we are making the SPED Extrication equipment. SPINAL PROTECTION EXTRICATION DEVICE.. Designed and developed by FERNO (UK) Limited in conjunction with Dr Harjinder Chaggar. For over 40 years the KED set the standard in suspected vehicle spinal and neck injury accidents, from this original concept we have created the SPED an amazing leap forward in MOTORSPORT extrication safety.

Feature Benefit
Integrated Head Immobilisation Helps reduce risk of unnecessary extrication injury and further trauma
Scan compliant Patient is immobilised from crash scene right through to triage
Multiple lifting points Seven lifting handles for ease of lifting manoeuvrability
Vacuum hand pump Simple stiffening of vacuum compartments once positioned
Special introducer paddle Aids in the quick & easy positioning of the device
Cobra stripes Visible confirmation ensuring centralisation of patient in SPED prior to deployment
Low Friction Material Quick and easy introduction of SPED into position
Integrated colour coded strapping system Instant visual verification, no loose straps
Built-in spinal stiffening ribs Giving maximum support during immobilisation and extrication
Seven Lifting Handles Provides more points of access for better lifting manoeuvrability
Vacuum Splint Technology Within seconds the device becomes rigid, moulding to patients contours