Kangoofix restraint for babies

Kangoofix is an unique and newly developed and patented harness system for transport of newborns in an ambulance. Kangoofix has been designed to protect the child, keep the parent and infant in close contact and offer a safe tool and protect ambulance staff. Everyone shall be securely fastened in an ambulance during transport. Kangoofix has been tested and approved throught medical field test and dynamic crash tests according to EN 1789 and TSFS 2010:2 (10 & 20G).

Product no Product name
15271000822 Kangoofix Peadiatric Inner Harness
15271000825 Germa Kangoofix Bag
15271000824 Kangoofix Neck/Back plate
15271000821 Kangoofix Peadiatric Belt set
15271000823 Kangoofix Heating bag incl. cap