Germa Baby Stroller Support

Germa Baby stroller support is intended to be placed inside a stroller for positioning of a child who have limited mobility and need support to sit comfortably and safely. With help of the vacuum technology the pillow is shaped exact after the child body and takes away every pleasure point and this make it possible to make it stiff via evacuation of air. This feature is to support the child in safe sitting positioning with good comfort for longer period.


Product info
Shapes after the child’s body
Support in sitting position

Technical specs

Color: Blue

22218340000: Germa Form Plus 22×12”

22218400000: Germa Form Pillow 22×26″

22218500000: Germa Form Pillow 22×34″

22218600000: Germa Form Pillow 16×20

22218140000: Germa Form Plus 32×40”

22218640000: Germa Form Plus 16×20”

22218540000: Germa Form Plus 22×34”

22218440000: Germa Form Plus 22×26”