Heavy Duty Transfer Mattress

The Transfer Mattress Heavy Duty contents a PVC fabric material welded with 6 carry handles on each long side plus evacuation side handles on head and foot end of the mattress. This equipment is specifically designed to support and help the paramedics and rescuers to be able transfer and transport a heavy-duty patient. Designed to be able to slide and when needed carry a patient from an environments and/or bed or floor on to a heavy-duty ambulance stretcher and in next step from the stretcher to a hospital bed. The purpose is to support handling of heavy duty patient with safety and improved ergonomic, appreciated ergonomic tool for heavy duty patient handing.


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PVC—polyester fabric material (flame retardant)
Rope: Nylon
Foam: Sensus comfortable memory foam

Features and Benefits

  • 6 carry handles on each side make it easy to find balance for lifting when needed and carry a patient on board. Easy accessible handles up from ground lift.
  • 2 handles on head and foot end to slide the patient on floors and staircases
  • Sliding surface on the back of the Transfer Mattress
  • Easy to clean fully welded product
  • 2 Safety belts to secure the patient and cover sheet to protect and hold the patient
  • Durable and strong material and design with a carry capacity of 380 kg
  • Transfer Mattress should be accessible when needed.

Product no: 271 050 000

Technical specs

Name: Ferno Tranfer Mattress Heavy-Duty

Approved according to European Standard
EN 1865 CE—marked X-ray and MRI translucent

Product no: 271 050 000
Length: 203 cm
Width: 185 cm
Height: 60 cm
Weight: 10,5 kg
Color: Blue/red