We believe in

close co-operation with our customers and suppliers to build strong business relationship to drive development of our products and services.


To create safety and comfort for people in critical situations. Produces products you can trust. Global Sales of Strategically Sourced Innovative Soft Goods Positioning Solutions and System.


Truly understand our customers needs and develop innovative, user-friendly solutions, high valued by ambulance and healthcare professional’s, patients, pilots and military staff.

Why Germa?

We offer premium quality products that really deliver efficient handling, safety and comfort for patients and rescue personnel. Reliable products with premuim quality offer long term economical solution.

Our main focus

Patient´s safety and comfort
Products efficient and reliable to use
Premium quality products with long life cycle
Deliver premium service to our partners
Appointed customers
Long term business relationship
Focus on Germa core production skills
World class quality, functions, features and benefits
Launch two new products annually
Skilled, dedicated,
enthusiastic and ethical

Environmental policy

AB Germa aims to demonstrate its commitment to the environment by pursuing an active environmental program to reduce and prevent negative environmental impact.

This means that we must:
• Make environmental work a natural part of the business.
• Define the objectives and targets.
• Give priority to renewable resources, recycling and low energy consumption.
• Preventing pollution by sorting and participate in organized waste disposal.
• Require our suppliers of products and services that they operate environmentally aware.
• In all respects comply with applicable environmental laws and other user-defined requirements and customer requirements
• Prioritize employees training in basic environmental knowledge and how our operation and products affect the environment.
• Inform customers how environmentally to deal with our products after use period. How the products should be disposed of with environmental concerns.