DentaComfort Vacuum Pillow

The DentaComfort pillow is used by dentists for the positioning of patients in the dental chair. It has a range of benefits and features for both dentists and patients. The DentaComfort pillow gives comfort and support. It helps patients relax and makes the dentists job easier.


For greater comfort and secure positioning The DentaComfort pillow by GermaProtec, provides a comfortable neck and headrest for dental patients, and a secure working environment for dentists.



The DentaComfort Pillow forms a firm support for the neck and head of the patient during dental procedures. The Vacuum Pillows consist of an strong airtight shell containing larger quantity of granules made of polystyrene. DentaComfort pillows are designed and manufactured by GermaProtec in Sweden, for use during dental treatment and surgery.

DentaComfort pillows have been designed and developed in cooperation with dentists and offer a range of benefits for both dentist and patient. The positive feedback we have received from our customers around the world indicates that our customers are very satisfied with our pillows.

Product info
Germa Vacuum Pillows are made of PVC-film or PVC coated fabric with vacuum valve
Inner bag in nylon. Granules of polystyrene
Germa Vacuum Pumps are made of aluminium and robust plastic

Product info

  • Can be shaped and reshaped in seconds
  • Density and firmness can be easily adjusted
  • Durable, strong white PVC-film
  • Easy to clean and disinfect for multiple client use


Work easier due to ideal positioning and fixation
Benefit: Comfort for patient

no risk of cramp during long treatments
Benefit: Ergonomic support for the dentists hands

Special areas of implantology sessions
Benefit: Support during dental surgery


Documents & Video
dentacomfort user manual.pdf


Usage of DentaComfort positioning pillow