Vacuum Mattress EasyFix Large

Our brand new EasyFix Vacuum Mattress is made of flame-resistant PVC coated fabric. New inner bags with compartments for control of the granules, which means that it always has an even distribution of the content for a comfortable and stable fixation.


EASY FIX has an unique design that provides increased support of head, neck and back while packing volume has shrunk by 30% and weight by 20%. The top side of EasyFix has a reinforced base that covers the cervical spine. An unique wrapper function together with fixing straps gives a much better support than traditional systems. The development of this system is based on the X-spider functions where you think that the crossfixation provides clear benefits.


EasyFix is body shaped in design, providing a direct understanding of how to use the product while increasing the comfort and the ability to secure larger patients.



Product specifications
Maximum shrinkage on length: 1%
Maximum shrinkage on width: 3%
Working temperatures – 36 to + 75°C

Outer material: Polyester fibre, PVC-coated (flame retardant)
Inner bag: Polyester
Granules: Styropor granules (flame retardant)
Wooden reinforced part: Birch Playwood

Other information
8,2 kg without fixation straps
8,5 kg with fixation straps
10 kg total weight including fixation straps + footrest pump

Product info

  • Head, neck and upper back part improved with wood part to secure stronger immobilisation
  • New improved chambers system
  • Light weighted and small storage
  • Repair kit easy to use for effective repair
  • Interchangeable valve
  • Footrest high quality aluminium pump evacuate with more than 700 hpa
  • Carry capacity of 220 kg, 10 handles
  • Compliant to EN 1789 and 1865

Technical specs

EasyFix vakuum mattress Ready2Go 
Product no: 271501001
Length: 208 cm
Width: 130/72 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight: 9,6 kg
Max capacity: 220 kg
Color: Green

EasyFix Vacuum Mattress  
Product no: 271501000
Length: 208 cm
Width: 130/72 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Max capacity: 220 kg
Color: Green


Compliant to EN 1789 and 1865 European standard are fullfilled and the mattress is crash tested and approved
Benefit: Gives you safety with general design and quality approvals.

Innovative design solutions
Benefit: Safe, efficient, quick, improved and reinforced upper body part, neck and head immobilisation in one go

New innovative construction
Benefit: The unique construction and design allow alternative positioning of patient arms and hands for free access to required treatment.

New innovative X-frame design of restraints
Benefit: The X-shape over the chest bone allows premium immobilisation and free access to torso and stomach of the patient. On hip part you are able to use the X-shape to create a premium immobilisation.

Improved Germa Chamber technology for excellent support
Benefit: Deliver excellent world class immobilisation. Quick to apply and easy to prepare

Improved stability via reinforced in-build wooden part
Benefit: Gives safe strength and excellent upper part immobilisation and fixation

Deliver consistent and rigid support to the patient
Benefit: Safe and convenient immobilisation

Made of robust and efficient material to hold vacuum for more than 24 hours
Benefit: Last longer. Safer. Trustfully.

Extra wide 130 cm upper body 72 cm foot end
Benefit: Better support and handling of bariatric patients

Extra layer built in under the mattress
Benefit: Safe. Last longer.

Handles fixed to the bottom of the mattress
Benefit: Maintain immobilisation when lifting patient, drive stability when.

Carrying handles 10 allow 2 people or more to carry
Benefit: Facilitates difficult handling.

Multi fit valve
Benefit: Use of other available suction pumps

Germa valve with “reverse air-lock” and supporting counter
Benefit: Ideal for X-ray.

Improved V-shaped design to make sure upper wide part will make
Benefit: Easy. Reduce hassles. Self-explanatory

5 Safety belts colour coded Velcro or buckle
Benefit: Cross fixation made obvious/clear

Safety belt fixation close to the mattress
Benefit: Safer and comfortable for patient

Hygienic design easy to clean incl. handles
Benefit: Safer. Easier. Reduce cleaning costs

X-ray compatible and translucent
Benefit: Direct handling to CRT

Fits and can be attached to most stretchers on the market
Benefit: Produced according to EN 1865 and EN 1789, in compliance

Decreased storage volume
Benefit: Compared to earlier design 20% less space required when stored in the ambulance

Spare parts

15000000018: Head fixation straps EasyFix 2 colours, Velcro
14401810001: Restraints Safety belt set 5 colours – Fix lock buckle
15000000000: Repair Kit EasyFix
15271000709: Bag for EasyFix vacuum mattress


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