Military Splints AS/MS MOD

The AS/MS 190 Vacuum splint sets are intended to stabilise injuries on patients during transport. They are suited for fixation of patients with hand, wrist, arm, leg, shoulder and/or hip injuries. The splints moulds around the individual fracture giving an optimal and comfortable support.

Set consists of: Arm, Long arm, Leg, Pump, Bag and Repair kit

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Working temperatures – 30 to + 70°C
Quality controlled production ISO 9001:2015
3 Year Warranty against production faults on production quality

Outer material: Polyester fibre, PVC coated (flame retardant)
Inner bag: Polyester
Granules: Styroporgranules (flame retardant)

Set consists of: Arm, Lower Leg, Full Leg, Pump, Bag and Repair kit

Product no: 272003800
72 cm
Width: 39 cm
Height: 3 cm


Deliver consistent and rigid support to the patient
Benefit: Safe and convenient immobilisation

Made of robust and efficient material to hold vacuum for more than 24 hours
Benefit: Last longer, Safer, Trustfully

Multi fit valve
Benefit: Use of other available suction pumps

Germa valve with “reverse air-lock” and supporting counter
Benefit: Reduce hassles. Self-explanatory

Hygienic design easy clean
Benefit: Safer Easier Reduce cleaning costs

X-ray compatible and translucent
Benefit: Direct handling to CRT

Fits and can be attached to most stretchers on the market
Benefit: Produced according to EN 1865. In compliance

Repair kit easy to use for effective repair
Benefit: No return needed. Quick fix

Interchangeable valve
Benefit: Never out of service. Able to use splint set valve

Velcro sewn on the material
Benefit: Wear and tear is better distributed and tear is avoided. Lasts longer.

More velcro
Benefit: More ways to use the splint. Better Immobilisation

Germa Chamber technology for excellent support
Benefit: Gives excellent immobilisation. Quick to apply.

The 2 big leg splints are made for use on children by use of extensions
Benefit: Immobilisation of a child. Solves a need in many ambulances