Mini Transfer Mattress

We have in cooperation with professional ambulance paramedics developed a very handy and useful tool for patient handling e.g. to move a patient from a stretcher to a bed or lift a patient from the floor or chair. One of the big feature you will experience is when patient has to be rescued from a narrow environment e.g. bathroom. The great benefit is that you are able to bend the flexible stretcher/mattress around the patient and in step two lift and move the patient carrying in 10 possible strong handles.


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To make usage as easy as possible, back of the Mini Trans mattress is made of friction reducing material to slice easy behind or under the patient. Glass fibre material on the back is very durable and can be used sliding on floor or ground.

Clear coloured green PVC-covered polyester
Lie area is with 10 mm thick Polyether foam

Product info
Approved according to European Standard EN 1865.

Technical specs

Product no: 271040000
Length: 136 cm
Width: 78 cm
Height: 1,5 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg
Max capacity: 250 kg
Color: Black


Documents & Videos
Produktblad Minitranz.pdf