Tactical Flight Combat Suit

For JAS 39 Combat Aircraft

JAS 39 Pilot equipment The tactical flight combat suit (TFCS) is developed by the Swedish Defence Material Administration and mainly manufactured by Swedish contractors. High g-loads with high onset rates and the need of NBC-protection while maintaining good pilot comfort are the main motives for the new suit.



The TFCS ensemble includes special features such as an immersion suit for cold survival, air ventilation for pilot comfort and a full coverage anti g-suit. A flight jacket with a chest bladder for assisted pressure breathing under high g conditions (PGB) and with an automatic life vest is also part of the TFCS.

The TFCS consists of the following main items

  • Ventilated immersion suit
  • Anti-g suit
  • Unventilated flight suit
  • Flight jacket with chest bladder, life vest, emergency locator beacon/radio and arm restraint system
  • Boots
  • Underwear
  • NBC protection


The advanced anti g-suit and PGB, in combination with an optimized g-valve on the seat
Benefit: Excellent g-protection and endurance.