Easy Handles

Specific designed tools to support ergonomics, safety and comfortable handling of the patient in need for transport. Studies and development of ergonomic lifting technic is developing and improving, important to take the opportunities to make use of proven recommendations and lifting technic offered today. In partnership with ergonomic specialists focused on development of training and tools, for best practice for paramedics when handling patients, which today are heavier than before in average. Most important for the paramedics is to make use of ergonomically optimal body positioning and procedures, which often require professional input and training. In combination with well-designed tools, you can reduce risk of back injuries significantly, up to 60-80% according to medical studies. When you would like to learn more on ergonomics, please let us know and we will be happy to share more information.



Product info

  • Patient handling tool—improved ergonomic patient handling—lifting and/or sliding
  • Lifting from knee level—reducing risk for back injury for the rescuer by 60%

Technical specs

Easy Handles Germa – Ferno
Product no: 15 000 000 034
Size: Length: 42 cm (16,54in)
Width: 2,5 cm (9,84in)
Thickness: Handle 3,3 cm (12,90 inch)
Weight: 0,43 kg (1, 2 lb)