Transfer Mattress 12 Handles

Tranfer Mattress Black is designed for the funeral market, the military as well as the pre hospital emergency care. It is an evolution of the classic emergency mattress used in the ambulance services. Made of the high quality, is compatible with most stretchers on the market, has 6 pieces of ergonomic handles on each side of the mattress, makes the mattress easy handle and to lift and carry a body. The back of the mattress is equipped with non-friction glass fiber provide a good glide function for easy transfers and sliding of the mattress and body e.g. from a bed to stretcher and in tight spaces where the stretcher does not reach slide the mattress to the stretcher.


The handles can handle loads up to 250 kg, all seams are fully welded for the best hygiene and easy to clean. Along with Step by Step, this becomes an unbeatable ergonomic solution when handling high loads up to 250kg by slicing the patient on the ground.


The 6 handles on each side can be folded in under the mattress when lying on top of a stretcher and be folded out when needed. Transfer Mattress has been used in the ambulance service for many years with very good experience of reducing the hassle, decrease forces required in evacuation and patient handling, ergonomic and handy. The construction is very durable and strong.

PVC- Polyester fibre flame retardant
3 cm polyether foam

Product info

  • 6 strong handles on each side, allow more people to lift and carry
  • Sliding surface on the reverse of fiberglass material, reducing friction and allow sliding of the mattress e.g. on the floor or from stretcher to stretcher
  • Fit very well on most stretchers
  • Easy to carry or slide over a body on the mattress with 12 strong handles
  • Sliding material under the mattress, easy to slide patient over to e.g. a table or stretcher

Technical specs

Ferno Funeral Transfer Mattress
Product no: 271008800
Length: 187 cm
Width: 65 cm
Height: 3 cm
Weight: 4,5 kg

Max capacity: 250 kg
Color: Black


Carry capacity of 250 Kg, could be used with restraints to secure the body on top
Benefit: Safety

Ethical and ergonomic handling of the body
Benefit: Comfort

Full welded easy to clean with most common disinfectants
Benefit: Hygenic