MonoBloc Comfort Mattress

MonoBloc Comfort Mattress tailor made to fit on Ferno MonoBloc stretcher/cot. Mattress designed to fit on MonoBloc stretcher/cot with openings for safety belts to secure the patient according to EN 1789 and EN 1865 The mattress contains of a layer polyester foam of one layer Sensus foam plus one layer of more traditional foam in special combination to create best comfort for patient.


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MonoBloc Comfort is available in several colours when buying more than 10 mattresses in one delivery. Mattress colour that is available is e.g. grey, black, blue, brown and military green.

PVC – Polyester flame retardant
70 mm 2 layer Sensus Foam

Product info

  • Super comfort and support to the patient entire body
  • Produced fully welded for best hygienic
  • Tolerant to most common cleaning chemicals
  • Use of the stretcher safety belts according to standard EN 1789
  • Available in several standard colours of your choice

Product no: 23271654000

Technical specs

Product no: 23271654000
Length: 193 cm
Width: 48 cm (55 cm head part)
Height: 7 cm
Weight: 3,5 kg