Vacuum Mattress All in One ll P/V

Germa offers this second generation of All In One line of Vacuum mattresses: The Germa All in One ll P/V is improved version from the original high quality long-life model All in One.


The vacuum mattress is a combined stretcher and vacuum mattress. To save storage space the mattress can lie on the stretcher at all times, acting as stretcher mattress. When vacuum immobilisation is needed, the vacuum mattress is integrated in the stretcher mattress and is ready for use immediately. Of course the mattress can also be used as a stand-alone ordinary vacuum mattress. .



Maximum shrinkage on length: 1%
Maximum shrinkage on width: 3%
Working temperatures: – 30 to + 70°C

Outer material: Polyester fibre, PVC-coated (flame retardant)
Inner bag: Polyamide
Granules: Styropor granules (flame retardant)
Wood board head part

Quality controlled production ISO 9001:2000 3 Year Warranty against production faults and production quality

Product info

  • Head and neck part improved with reinforcement for stronger immobilisation
  • Safe use of 4-point restraint system from the stretcher according to EN 1789
  • Improved chambers system to control granulates, quick and easy to prepare before use.
  • Choice of three options of width 90, 100 or 115 cm capacity to give immobilisation for large patients
  • This mattresses is crash tested by notified body for approval to the European standards.
  • Compliant to EN 1789 and 1865

Technical specs

Vacuum Mattress All in One II P/V 115 cm
Product no: 271301000
Length: 205 cm
Width: 115 cm
Height: 5,5 cm
Weight: 10,7 kg
Max capacity: 220 kg

Vacuum Mattress All in One II P/V 100 cm
Product no: 271302000
Length: 205 cm
Width: 100 cm
Height: 5,5 cm
Weight: 10,4 kg
Max capacity: 220 kg

Vacuum Mattress All in One II P/V 90 cm
Product no: 271303000
Length: 205 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 5,5 cm
Weight: 10,2 kg
Max capacity: 220 kg


Made of robust and efficient material to hold vacuum for more than 24 hours
Benefit: Last longer Safer Trustfully

Extra wide 115 cm
Benefit: Better support and handling of “bariatric” patients

Extra layer built in under the mattress
Benefit: Safe Last longer

Handles fixed to the bottom of the mattress
Benefit: Maintain immobilisation when lifting patient

Carrying handles 12 or 16 allow 2 people or more to carry
Benefit: Facilitates difficult handling

Multi fit valve
Benefit: Use of other available suction pumps

Germa valve with “reverse air-lock” and supporting counter
Benefit: Easy. Reduce hassles. Self-explanatory

4 Safety belts colour coded Velcro or buckle
Benefit: Cross fixation made obvious/clear

Safety belt fixation close to the mattress
Benefit: Safer and comfortable for patient

Hygienic design easy to clean incl. handles
Benefit: Safer. Easier. Reduce cleaning costs

X-ray compatible and translucent
Benefit: Direct handling to CRT

Fits and can be attached to most stretchers on the market
Benefit: Produced according to EN 1865. In compliance

Compliant to EN 1789 and 1865 European standard are full field and the mattress is crash tested and approved by notified body
Benefit: Gives safety and general design and quality approval

Germa head pillow design solution
Benefit: Efficient, quick and improved upper body part, neck and head immobilisation, in one go

Improved Germa Chamber technology for excellent support
Benefit: Gives excellent immobilisation Quick to apply

Improved stability and immobilisation via in build wooden part
Benefit: Gives strength and excellent upper part immobilisation and fixation

Deliver consistent and rigid support to the patient
Benefit: Safe and convenient immobilisation

Spare parts

271000714: Belt set 4-colours, Fix lock buckle
271000713: Belt set 4 colours – Velcro
15271000707: Bag for All in One II Vacuum mattress