Rescue Lite Full Body Splint MOD

Intended use is to give good stabilization for the patient being rescued in combination with e.g. Basket stretcher. Light construction for rescuers to carry with them in difficult terrain.

Rescue Lite Full Body Splint MOD is designed based on experiences from medical and rescue experts with medical experience from rescue operation in difficult terrain. Construction based on original high quality materials traditionally used producing Germa world class vacuum mattresses.

Rescue Lite Full Body Splint MOD is utilizing improved body shape design to optimize the vacuum full body splint capabilities. Offers 35% saving on storage space and light weighted full body splint compared to Germa Easyfix Plus II MOD Vacuum Mattresses.




Approved according to European Standard
EN 1865 and EN 1789
MDR 2017/745 Class 1 Medical devise

6 handles on each side
Removable/changable glass fiber back side
Non IR reflective PVC
Inner bag with chamber system
Carry capacity: 220 kg

Warranty period: 3 years

Art no: 271513801
READY2GO KIT, footrest Vacuum Pump, repair kit, Back Pack bag

Technical Description

Maximum shrinkage on length: 1%
Maximum shrinkage on width: 3%
Working temperature of the mattress is -36°C to +75°C

Outer material: Polyester fibre, PVC-coated, flame retardant and Non IR reflective.
Inner material: Polyester
Granules: Polystyrene granules (flame retardant)
Head/neck part: Birch plywood

SPECIFICATION (for the rescue lite full body splint ready2go kit)
Length: 200 cm
Width: 136 (Widest part)/74 (Head part) cm
Height: 3,5 cm
Weight 8,5 kg


The PVC is made in a Non IR reflective material, specially for the military use.

Allows preliminary X-ray & MRI diagnostics, direct in to x-ray & MRI machines with no extra handling of patient.

Glass fiber back side to improve durability and ability to slide the mattress on the ground/floor/stairs etc.

Easy to lift patient in/out from Basket Stretcher

Deliver consistent and good immobilisation of the patient in combination with a Basket stretcher.

Light weighted and small storage, folds easily, 30% less storage space required compared to standard vacuum mattress. Easy to carry in the specially designed back pack.

Reverse air look system, no closing of valve at stressful site.

V-shaped design to make sure upper wide part will make all sized patients the very best immobilisation of the back, neck and head.

Load capacity 220 kg, safe to handle heavy duty people