Rescue Lite Full Body Splint

Full Body Vacuum Stabilization to minimize possible movement for patient.

Attended use is to give good stabilization for the patient being rescued in combination with e.g. Basket stretcher. Light construction for rescuers to carry with them in difficult terrain. Rescue Lite is designed based on experiences from medical and rescue experts with medical experience from rescue oper- ation in difficult terrain. Construction based on original high quality materials traditionally used producing Germa world class vacuum mattresses. Rescue Lite using improved body shape design to optimize the vacuum mattress capabilities. Offers 35% saving on storage space and light weighted full body splint compared to Germa Easyfix Vacuum Mattresses. Rescue Lite unique construction which deliver efficient stabili- zation of full body specifically upper back, neck also excluding cervical collar on the patient and reinforced base plate that cover all of cervical spine. This together with fixation restraint system using X-system to support and create most effective immobilisation.



The mattress is equipped with 6 handles that are shaped for comfortable carrying of a patient. Tree cross restraints to secure the patient on top of the mattress.

Technical information
Outer material: Polyester fibre, PVC-coated (flame retardant)
Innerbag: Polyamide chamber system
Granules: Styropor granules (flame retardant)

Maximum shrinkage on length: 1%
Maximum shrinkage on width: 3%
Working temperatures: – 36 to + 75°C

Product info

  • Germa improved inner chambers system
  • 6 Carry handles, three on each side
  • Carry capacity 200 kg
  • Extra durable PVC fabric on the reverse
  • Germa back lock valve, mounted on face of the mattress.
  • Available in military olive green MOD
  • Quality controlled production ISO 9001:2000
  • 2 Year Warranty against production faults on production quality

Technical specs

Maximum shrinkage on length: 1%
Maximum shrinkage on width: 3%
Approved according to European Standard EN 1865 and EN 1789


Outer material: Polyester fibre, PVC-coated (flame retardant)
Inner bag: Polyester
Granules: Styropor granules (flame retardant)
Wood board upper part: Birch plywood

Rescue Lite Full Body Splint
Product no: 271513000
Length: 200 cm
Width: 131 / 85 cm
Height: 4 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Max capacity: 200 kg
Color: Orange


Germa head pillow design including rigid wood part solutiont
Benefit: Efficient, quick and improved neck and head immobilisation, with visible ears in one go

Reinforced reverse of the mattress to reduce friction
Benefit: Designed to allow improved patient handling

Improved head, neck and upper back for fixation/immobilization of a patient without neck collar applied
Benefit: Support upper back, neck and head for safe immobilization when not using cervical collar

X-ray and MRI translucent
Benefit: Allows preliminary X-ray diagnostics, direct in to x-ray no extra handling of patient

Germa chamber technology for quick and easy preparation
Benefit: Give rescuers quick handling and excellent immobilisation for the patient ensuring the granulate is evenly dispersed to give the patient stable and optimal immobilisation

Deliver consistent and rigid support and immobilisation of the patient 
Benefit: Safe, premium immobilisation and convenience of patient fixation

Handles with ergonomic position
Benefit: Making patient lifts as comfortable as possible for rescuers

Handles fixed to the bottom of mattress
Benefit: Maintain rigid immobilisation when lifting the patient.

Robust welding—fully welded without any open seams or textiles
Benefit: Making hygienic cleaning of the mattress easy


To read all benefits please download product sheet here