Uni Easy Transfer Mattress

Uni Easy Transfer Mattress is developed in co-operation with our customers with focusing on hygienic, ergonomic patient handling, patient safety and comfort.

Uni Easy Transfer Mattress has been tested together with medical trained trauma teams to secure efficient handling plus quick and easy transfer of patients also heavy duty patients.

Uni Easy Transfer Mattress has been tested and approved according to EN 1865 and EN 1789


Product specifications
PVC and PU – Polyester fibre flame retardant
4,5 cm polyether + 1,5 cm Sensus (material that forms easy and deliver super comfort)

Product info

  • 5 handles on each side, allow paramedics to easy lift, carry and slide the mattress.
  • Hygienic full welded easy to clean with most common disinfectants.
  • Sliding material under the mattress, easy to slide patient over to e.g. hospital bed.
  • Fits most common stretchers available on the market.
  • High level of patient comfort due to the V-shaped foam plus the Sensus memory foam.

Order information

Article number: 271030001
Uni Easy Transfer Mattress

Technical specs

EasyFix vakuum mattress Ready2Go 
Product no: 21271029001
Length: 190 x 50 x 6 cm
Weight: 5,3 kg
Handles: 6


Easy to adjust safety belts according to standard EN 1865 and EN 1789
Benefit: Safety

Extra comfort by using Sensus memory foam which support patients body weight and deliver a safe and comfort feeling.
Benefit: Comfort

Easy to lift, carry or slide over patient just on the mattress with 12 strong handles. It is possible to lower the head for upper airway management. Carry capacity 250 kg.
Benefit: Ergonomics

Designed to fit on top of Allfa stretchers.