Easy Transfer Emergency Mattress

Easy Transfer Mattress has been developed in co-operation with professional paramedics and for improved functions and ergonomics for the daily use in addition focusing on patient safety and comfort, this together with additional functionalities of practical use deliver features and benefits of patient handling. Easy Transfer Mattress has been tested together with professional pre hospital teams to secure efficient and comfortable handling including quick and easy transfer of heavy duty patients.


Handle part that can be folded out on each side of the mattress consist of 5 handles on each side and have a very durable construction to support additional ergonomic features for the paramedics. Easy Transfer mattress is equipped with a glass fibre layer on the back of the mattress to make it durable and reduce friction when sliding a patient on top of the mattress. This function can be very useful when the patient has to be transported from a very narrow environment where the stretcher is impossible to bring. Specifications: PVC- Polyester fibre flame retardant + glass fibre + PP plate 6,2 cm polyether and Sensus (material that reads your body forms easy and deliver super comfort)

Product info

  • Hygienic full welded easy to clean with most common disinfectants.
  • Sliding material under the mattress, easy to slide patient over to e.g. hospital bed.
  • Fits together with Germa Step by Step evacuation kit.
  • Easy Transfer Mattress has been tested and approved according to EN 1865 and EN 1789.

Product no: 271030000

Technical specs

Product no: 271030000
Length: 183 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 8 cm
Weight: 5,6 kg
Max capacity: 250 kg
Color: Orange/blue


Easy to adjust safety belts according to standard EN 1865 and EN 1789


Extra comfort by using 62 mm Sensus foam which support patients body weight and deliver a safe and comfort feeling. In built side support system for safe feeling and comfort.


Easy to carry or slide over patient just on the mattress with 10 strong handles. It is possible to lower the head for upper airway management. Carry capacity 250 kg.


Evacuation equipment in cooperation with our Step by Step restraint system .